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The Challenge challenge at u2slash

This is my, clandestine269's, writing journal. I will collect my writing here, mostly for my own reference.

Please note:
  • What I post here is fiction. Some of the stories may be based on real events, but I do not claim that what I have written is real. This is all being made up, written for fun and no money is being made from it.

  • The stories posted here are slash: homoerotic fiction dealing with male/male relations. If that is not your cup of tea, please do not read it.

  • I am also mostly writing what is commonly known as "real person slash", which means that my main characters are based on real people. Since I almost exclusively write in the U2 fandom, my characters are the members of the band and/or their associates. I mean no disrespect with this, and if it bothers you, please do not read it.

  • Almost all of the stories contains bad language. If that bothers you, do not read any of them.

  • Some of the stories contains explicit sex and/or minor violence/kink. These are rated either R or NC-17. If you are considered a minor in your community, please do not read them.

  • If you do like these stories, I recommend that you check out the Love is Blindness archives. You may also want to become a member of the u2slash livejournal community. Please note that u2slash only accept members who are of legal age, and to be considered you have to be over 18 years old and have your birthdate/year clearly stated in your userinfo.

    That is all for now. Off with the horns, on with the show.
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